Why aren't there any plus sized male models/advocates?

I'm sure there must be some around, but they're certainly not a majority.

Seems like #FatAcceptance is a Female Privilege.


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  • I don't think it's a "privilege" at all. In general, society accepts larger men a lot more than larger women. Men are often referred to as "big boned" or people say things like "oh, he's built like a linebacker."

    Even women of average weight are criticized for being fat. I remember when I was 12, my best friend told me she would kill herself if she ever got fat. That's what promoting anorexic models does to girls in our society.

    Why is it controversial to have a model that's a healthy, average size 8 but it's the norm to have unhealthy, anorexic size 0 models? What is that teaching young girls?

    Also, women are WAY more likely to suffer from disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Sadly, I went through a brief period of this myself :(

    • "society accepts larger men a lot more than larger women." BULLSHIT, absolute GOBSHITE and you know it!!

      Fat men are seen as lazy, ugly and pathetic, whereas larger women get ALL the sympathy and acceptance they need (Fat Acceptance). You don't get called "big boned" for being fat as a man, that's something you call yourslf because you're in denial over your weight. In reality you're a fat slob.

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    • Well of course, because Fashion is directed an centred around women. Us men don't really care as much. But this doesn't mean much. "Basically, if you're even slightly overweight, you're worthless and you should be living off of salads until your ribs are visible. " extreme overstatement.

      Really? You've never heard overweight men being tormented for being fat? Do you live under a rock or something?

      If you have the time, I recommend you watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHZpU1ykdc8

      Till then, good day.

    • Say what you want, but I have hardly EVER hears men be criticized for their weight and no I haven't been living under a rock.

      If anything, the "fat acceptance" focuses on women because it's more of an issue for women. And you do realize how controversial it is? I dare you to scroll through some of the comments on some articles or videos that feature it.

      Also, you do realize that girls are regularly criticized for their weight in the media? I can't think of any times off the top of my head that a celebrity guy's weight was criticized, but I can think of so many women... Jennifer Lawrence, Oprah, Hilary Duff, Kelly Clarkson...

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  • Plus size female models are bad enough, we don't need any plus size male models. I know I'll get a lot of down votes from girls, but being plus size shouldn't be accepted as good in the society. Unless the person has like Cushing syndrome or something, people should be aware that it's unhealthy and you have a higher chances of getting a heart attack early in your life. The only reason why there are plus size female models because women want our standards to decrease while theirs to be increased. I don't want plus size male models but it's amazing how there are plus size female models but not enough black male models, no East Asian male models much, definitely no Indian male models, etc. If anything, there should be race acceptance rather than fat acceptance.

    • I have to disagree with you on some points. You do know, first of all, that plus size models start at only a size 8? (I'm 5 foot 4 and an athletic 135 pounds and I'll be damned if someone calls me plus sized.) And also some women just have larger frames which makes them plus-sized. It doesn't imply that they're morbidly obese and therefore unhealthy.

      And why is it OK for female models to be grossly underweight? If we can't advertise normal-sized models because they might be slightly overweight and unhealthy, why should we be promoting (and then photo shopping) underweight girls?


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  • If males really wanted it that badly, why wouldn't they advocate for it? Why is it up to feminists? I don't understand. If you want it, stand up dude. Forget feminism and fight for what you believe in. A lot of body image advocacy is centered around females, because overwhelming majority of psychological conditions associated with body image are female. That's not to say males aren't affected or that their statistics are telling the whole story since there's he whole "macho" pride issue... but this gives an insight as to why body image is a movement that gives more attention to women.

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    • *slow clap* A small paragraph of one man, fantastic.

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    • I read only the title.

      If this bothers you so much , then take a stand on the issue and advocate to be one.
      Instead of speaking about a problem be active in solving it.
      Do something about it.

    • Yes , there are way more plus size female models but that's because guys are looked at as less manly if they poke at their weight. It all has to do with societies perception.

  • I have no clue but if u find one I want see because i think its interesting!

  • whoaa i never even noticed that. true.

  • I personally have found that, not many plus size men are interested in modeling. (or are ashamed of modeling) Modeling is generally seen as a feminine thing. Even in relation to average sized models, there are more women than men. I definitely think if agencies did more digging, found a couple dozen of plus size men from around the world who openly wanted to model, and helped them with a career, that more plus size men would realize it's an option, and it doesn't make them "girly" or any of the sort.

    I know a lot of plus size men, and none of them are remotely interested in modeling or being advocates. They don't seem to care about fat acceptance like women do. To them, they just want to live their lives and ignore what's going on around them.

    That's not to say all of them are this way. It's just more difficult to find plus size men who care about fat acceptance.

  • Eh. Models aren't advocates. They're selling stuff. The same parent company owns Axe that owns Dove. THAT is the real way the world work$!

    • Models are often "role models" to young kids.

      How is saying being fat/obese is OK any good for the many girls and, in a few cases, boys?

      Models advocate #FatAcceptance.

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    • Models advocate whatever they're paid for - materialism and consumerism, generally.

    • And the circle begins...

      It's just a waste of time arguing with someone like you, it really is.

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  • Haven't you heard of the whole "Dad Bod" trend?

    • No, never have.

    • It's a movement of accepting or making the more round / fat male bodies attractive.

  • Come on man, don't complain about inequalities.

    That's the ladies job.

  • Because big guys are tough and don't need any wimpy-ass crybaby support group.

  • Fat guys don't get quite the same hammering from society that fat women do. Plus there aren't as many male models as there are female ones.

    But you're quite right - we should work on fixing that, too! :)

  • Because fat women want to buy products sold by and for fat women. It's all about money, yo.

    Men, skinny or fat, buy the shit that they need and don't care who's selling it.

    • Lol that's so true. Guys pick what they need, find their size and leave. I was so confused the other day when my brother bought stuff without trying it on.

  • Well the plus sized model stuff is a product of only feminism. It's to fuel the feminism agenda. That's why. It's a tool.