Guys, Should I apologize to him, or let him feel what he deserves?

I more so assumed that this guy was leading me on, it wasn't towards the end until i noticed he started purposely hurting me bad. I was never sure if he was actually interested in me at the beginning because I'm super awkward and tend to push people away without knowing. I felt like he started treating me bad due to the way i acted at the beginning. he stood me up and would only text me when he wanted too, I never initiated the contact because I felt games were being played. Well to the main point here is that one night he texted me and that was when I had enough. I told him to never text me again becauseim tired of him hurting me, then somehow we ended up talking. He had me call him and when i did i asked him what he wants from me, he said I don't know, so i started questioning him and he got annoyed and said i act like a baby and hung up. I got a call back from him and it was a girl he was with during this party, she told me to stop calling her "boyfriend" i was embarressed and upset so i ventured off to a friends opinion on what to do. That is when she told me to upload a vid on snapcht saying he had a small one and it only lasted a min. He saw it and called me several times, i ingored it thinking it was the girl he then blocked me fron everything but snapchat. I had a friend apologize for me but he told him i needed to apologize myself. I never did because i was too scared to here from that girl. I know i was in the wrong but did he deserve that, or should i at least reach out to say sorry and i didn't mean it? i feel super guilty but at the same time i feel like he deserves this for what he did to me. What should I do without looking crazy?


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  • You should forget about it and move on with your life. It doesn't matter.

    • I feel like i went too far by using something that is uncontrollable and something people can be very insecure about, against him. I feel that it can be very damaging to someone and that is wrong of me