Girls, Is a raspy low voice on a guy attractive?

All of my friends tel me me my voice is raspy and i talk like im stoned and they pointed out how my voice is very low and raspy all the time despite the fact I don't smoke cigs. I laughed it off and now I notice my voice and I don't know if its attractive to women or not or it makes me seem like a pot head. .


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  • Don't worry about how your voice sounds. As long as your genuinely a nice and caring person. Girls will find you attractive. Everyone has some type of flaws. Your voice being raspy is no biggie. Not every girl will assume your a pothead. There are nice girls out there that will look past your voice and I'm sure you're a great guy. 😊

    • I just never noticed it and nkw its like damn I awlays sound stoned lol. I smoke weed once in a while but that's only one in a blue moon lol.

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    • I'm almost 22

    • Try asking a close female friend what she thinks about your voice.

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  • raspy and low without sounding like a druggie is pretty hot :P

  • Yes, it can be attractive.