Are we evil haha?

So me and my friends was bored so we deiceded to piss off some taxi drivers so we pulled over a taxi and my friend was talking to him to distract him while me and 2 other of my friends open all the doors and dropped those mini fireworks that does the 'boom' sound and than we ran away and there was like a wall we climbed it because we thought he wouldn't catch us anyways the taxi driver kept cursing and shit and we were running and laughing so when we thought we was save we stopped running and started walking and talking how the aderlaine pumping into our body and how funny was that and was such an adventure so we was worried about every taxi that gets near us cause we thought it might be him so ya our thoughs was right there was a taxi that pulled over to the right of the street he opened the door holding a bat and when we saw this we took a sprint a nd crossed the street and he was screaming and yelling i will find you mother f*** and kepy cursing he couldnt chase us cause he had his taxi opened and it was around 12 mid night so we took the sprint to my friend house and hide there till it was safe to leave that's one of our adventures as i like to call them we did many more i might post them here to


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  • Am i evil! No not usually!


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  • Aaaahhh my eyes x_x a run-on sentence! My eyes!
    I wouldn't say that was evil, it just wasn't smart xD

  • That was a terrible thing to do, what were you thinking?

  • You and your friends are assholes. Congratulations. Are you proud of yourself?


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  • Yea your going to get your ass shot. Its all fun and games until someone gets shot in the face