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My ex-crush has come in my dreams like 2-3 times between these 1-2 months or maybe I guess this just one month. Today's dream was just very sad that I was just going to go down the escalator and that time he just comes from behind and then he comes and talks to me and he starts talking to me and then he is like we are friends right? I am like no and his face gets shocked and sad then I was like I meant no because we don't even talk to each other how can we be friends and then I don't remember what happens and suddenly we are in a room and then I guess we were just talking or I don't know what then and then I see his two friends are hiding there or something and when I caught them they were giggling for some other reason. I think this dream meant that this ex-crush will be like this. I don't know why exactly he got me in the room in the dream, I forgot. But I think it was to humiliate me or he had some bet with his friends or something. I don't know. And if someone knows the astrological part about why I got this dream, please tell me. By the way this ex-crush was like 4-5 years back, he was the only guy that I liked. I have also never been in a relationship. And yes I have had crushes after this guy.


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  • Sometimes people dream things they want to dream and then yet again, dream things they don't want to dream, expect things to happen in real life, then dream them... perhaps maybe.


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  • you should look each thing about on dream interpret. com


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  • Talk to him about how you feel

    • In school we rarely spoke and now we don't talk at all to each other.

    • Once on snapchat like months back I had sent him which college are you in? So as he opened it, he didn't reply. So as that happened I removed him from my snapchat. I don't even feel anything for him. We have our own different lives.