If someone said something gay while before fighting would you still fight?

(nothing against gay people, pretend someone straight said this to you)

i remember once in my 8th grade yearm ill never forget. this guy was messing with me and went to far so when the class was leaving school i blocked him from leaving and it was just us..

i was about to beat... his... ass... i was walking torwards him slowly.. he's backing up and right before i get to him, he squenches up and says

"Please no baby i'll going to suck your..."

I paused and started dying laughing... i was so weak he could have beat me up like seriously.. i was in tears and told him to go on and layed there dying... im tearing up just taking about it.. he was so scared thats what he resorted to.. man..

anyways if somebody said something like tht to you would you still try and fight or just let them go?


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  • The guy is a wimp


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  • Yea most likely I would stop since laughter is a good form of calming down haha I enjoy this type of humor

  • I'd let him go, but warn him to not mess with me anymore

  • I'm not easily amused.
    If he deserves something he is going down.