How do I stop letting it bother me that my "friends" who often leave me out of things are hanging out with the guy I used to see?

How do I stop being so jealous and hurt that these girls I thought were my friends, but often backstab me and leave me out, have become good friends with the guy I was seeing over the summer who decided I was too annoying and really hurt me?


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  • I don't think they are very good friends if they are wiling to hang out with him if they knew how much he hurt you. I think a good suggestion would be to find someone else to hang out when your "friends" are busy with the other guys. You shouldn't have to put your life on hold for them.


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  • Sounds like it's time to find a new group of friends. Girls who actually valued you as a friend and wished to continue the friendship, remain on good terms, wouldn't do something like that.

    I bet if you put up with such behaviour and let them get away with it, that'l only encourage them to send more not so pleasant shenanigans your way.


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  • Couldn't you just make new friends if they are cutting you out


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