I've gotten to the point in life where I want to give up in love?

I've had some pretty crappy relationships and I know its partly my fault for picking them but I just want to give up. I'm exhausted from being upset , I really feel like my brain and body can't do it anymore. Like people keep saying you'll meet someone perfect for you one day but honestly I can't see it happening. I'd love to just move to the middle of now where and be alone. Can anyone relate to this or have I just turned bitter.


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  • I relate to this so hard it's actually making me sad right now :(

  • I have MOST DEFINITELY felt like this before. So I took a break from dating and focused on other things. I dont think u should give up. I just think u should take some time to yourself. It's pretty normal to think "This is how it's gonna be forever" due to a pattern of failed romances. But the ONLY thing that patterns/history should do is teach u which mistakes to avoid. The past does not define your present or future. So in the meantime, enjoy your life the best way possible and achieve all u can. You will meet the right guy at the right time.