Macbeth auditions next month, I need help with finding a good monologue?

so im about to audtion for macbeth dont know SQUAT about theater shows and monolouges but i do like acting, been in a few shows and films but anyways i want to audtion for one of the murders in this play and good monoluges i should use?


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  • Hamlet's advice to the actors (Speak the speech I pray you as I pronounced it to you) is always a good one.

    Remember to recite it trippingly on the tongue. :)

    • wait what? whats that i mean to this theater gargen haha is that a monologue?

    • In Hamlet it's mostly a monologue. There is minimal dialogue from one of the "actors" he's directing. You can just excise those lines and you've got a monologue. :) Just look up that part in parentheses and you'll find it. What you'll demonstrate if you use that monologue is that you're actually aware of Shakespeare's own advice to actors, as delivered through Hamlet, which is kind of cool. Good luck man.

  • The part where macbeth is contemplating whether he has to kill duncan or let faith do it. A line I remember goes something like "well if faith should decreed it; then perhaps faith shall make it so". Thats not an exact quote but it goes something like that