Would you rather never need to sleep or have Hypersomnia?

Imagine for Hypersomnia having mini hybernations that could last upto 4 days. Think of it as Sleeping in and then some :p.

The real question is Would you rather enjoy extra hours of sleep or have extra hours in your day.

  • 6+ hours a day
    50% (3)25% (1)40% (4)Vote
  • Super Sleep-in powers
    33% (2)0% (0)20% (2)Vote
  • Neither
    17% (1)75% (3)40% (4)Vote
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  • I would actually rather not sleep at all then.
    I really love sleep over everything but hypersomnia is actually crazily dangerous when you're out in public (imagine just dropping, fast asleep, while crossing a road), in the bath tup or even while driving (don't know if they are actually allowed to drive at all).
    And then I'm also insomniac already so I could already well imagine not to sleep at all. ;P


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