He keeps messaging even AFTER I told him im busy? why can't this guy take a fucking hint?

what do you do when can't take any hints at all?

So first he didn't take the hint that i wasn't interested in him.. and now even after telling him i dont have any time he still keeps asking me to take shifts for him or others!

We work at the same volunteer group, but because of so many exams i haven't had time to work at all.. I told him this, an even after that he keeps asking me if i can take shifts.. i told him the second time i dont have any time and that i have traded all shifts way because i dont have time, but he keeps messaging me!!

i wanna punch him in the face.. should i tell him to actually pay attention to what i say or what? he annoys me so much.. -.-


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  • He probably read a myTake on how to keep trying with shy girls that even though they don't talk to you really they want you to keep going.


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  • Lool,
    Tell him, "Look bro, I don't wanna take anymore shifts. I will just not do it. I have to study for my exams now. Good night. :) "

    • the worse part is that i feel like i would just ignor it and still keep asking me to either take shift or if im going out etc... some people.. ugh

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    • well in that case he got me good! but judging him from the last 3 months he is niot teasing.. he just that thick in the head basically lol