Got into my first accident today, it was my fault, just a small scratch on their bumper, how much does a touch up usually cost?

I was at a light and it turned green, they started to go so I started to go, looked down to turn off the heat in my car, looked up and their car was right there. I slammed on the brakes and barely hit them but there was a small scratch. She said she isn't going to get insurance involved and would email me the details. Just curious how much something like that generally costs to repair?


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  • Usually they will just buff out if small enough. If it can't be buffed out it really depends on the car. The more expensive / high end of car it is the more expensive it will be to repair.

    With any luck it will just buff out.


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  • It's not that simple. The whole bumper will need to be repainted.
    If it was an older car the person may not care or just take some money.

  • Usually, the insurance company will get an estimate and determine the cost that way. Not sure how she'll plan on going about it.


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