PLEASE HELP. Being forced to stay at my sisters, I dont want to.. help?

My dad is leaving on vacation and im forced to stay at my sisters. l for Thanksgiving day. I really really really really really REALLY dont want to go, I want to stay home. Im goin to be babysitting her bad kids the whole time im there I swear! That is the only reason she wants me there. Because she will be cooking all Thanksgiving day and has no one to watch her kids! Im not dumb. I dont care about Thanksgiving its one day. Im super busy anyways with interviews and trying to find a job if I go i won't be able to stay anyways cuz I have interviews Friday morning. Im 19 my dad doesn't want to leave me with the house alone.. first of all I just moved back home from a bad relationship so I know how to lock a house up because I just had my own! Whats a reason for me not to go! I really really dont want to go.


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  • Say you have explosive diarea... I don't know if i spelled that right.. But it usually works... Life is a shit sandwich... U just got take another bit and keep chewing :( ... It will b over b4 u know it


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  • Sometimes one has to sacrifice one single day for a family member. Put yourself in your sister's shoes, can't you find it in yourself to help her for one freaking single day out of 365 days? !

    • Well here's the thing with er once im at her house, im stuck a er house meaning she will ask or me to stay another night and babysit or bring up somethig like , "hey by the way ill need you to watch them Saturday night until 2am" thats the crap she does. Im not watching kids till 2 in the mornin on my weekend

    • I think you should help her out on Thanksgiving but tell her you have planned your entire weekend and can't stay under no circumstances. Call her beforehand and make it clear before you go there...
      Good luck


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  • First off you're an adult- so I don't see why your father has this issue. Tell him you have other obligations and responsibilities that you can go to dinner but thats about it x

  • So you don't want to help your sister out? And you don't care about a holiday? Just help out. I'm sure your family will be grateful and you'll be able to go to your interview because it'll be the day after that holiday you don't care about.

    Are you sure you're 19? You sound more like a 13 year old.

    • I sound like im 13? um why force someone to do something tey dont want to do? Thats like you telling me you dont like to cook and me saying oh you sound like a 13 year old. First of all when i get there she's gonna end up making me watch them a whole weekend she's done it before and will do it again. thays how she does it asks you for help one day and then the next thing I know she's trapped me into watching them bext week for like 3 days. Who wants to watch kids on thier weekend late at night? im 19 i dont want kids.. i dont want to watch kids i dont know any 19 year olds that would want to in reality.

    • Family is supposed to be there for one another. No one is going to want to babysit on the day before a major holiday because they have their own prep work to do. And if she's doing the Thanksgiving cooking she's going to need to focus her whole attention to making dinner. She's going to need help and I'm sorry if you don't want to but your reasoning is a bit selfish. Sometimes you have to just suck it up. And if you have stuff to do then tell her, preferably today, so she can attempt to arrange something else for the weekend. But considering its Thanksgiving weekend that's a bit hard.