Why do I ignore girls I like?

there's a lot of attractive girls I see at college but I don't like any of them

and then when I do see a girl I like I ignore her (wtf is wrong with me) and dont bother talking to her even though I want to

im tired of this why do I do this and what can I do to stop it?


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  • You feel intimidated by their looks, most likely. Or am I wrong?

    • the girls I usually develop a crush on all look similar and I admit they're gorgeous

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    • well this semester there was not a single girl that I liked in any of my classes

      next semester I hope there's one and I'll sit next to her the first day of class

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  • It is less painful to ignore them and carry even the false belief that you have a chance with them rather than to approach them and be faced with the painful reality that you don't.
    You must let go of the false narrative that your world will end if you're ever rejected by someone you admire. Life just isn't quite that harsh.

    • but I've already been rejected three times this year by one of these crushes and I took it well. could this be holding me back?


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  • because they hurt you!

    • they don't even know me how could they hurt you?

    • Something in your past hurts you that wouldn't allow u to give love.

  • you sound depressed
    possibly asexual

    • wtf are you retarded?

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    • Are you sure? Because the word "ignore" means that you are voluntarily doing it.
      But then it's obvious, lack of confidence.

    • I'm shy around a crush especially if I don't know them, but that didn't stop me from asking out the biggest crush I ever had last year twice

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  • 1) No confidence in your approach
    2) You've been hurt in the past and project this on to them

    Thats all I could come up with

    • well I've been rejected three times in 2015, but I got up and tried again and again until it happened for the third time

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    • so basically you're telling me to be confident?

    • In a roundabout way. Easier said than done, though. Especially if you don't have a lot of positive experiences to work from.

  • It's because you're shy and not good with the girls lol

    It's ok, its expected actually, what i do when i talk to anyone is pretend they are my brother or sister and get along with them as if they were my brother or sister

    • I am kind of shy dude but that didn't stop me from asking out my crush last year for valentines day AND prom

  • you feel like your not good enough not a surprise