Do you think this is a stupid cartoon?

Me and my girlfriend were watching Peppa Pig it's one of her favorites I hate it but she makes me watch it. I think it's so stupid. We were watching the one where they went swimming one thing that really annoys me is that they think every piece of clothing they wear is a costume. Costume is somethings you wear on Halloween not swimming or any other activity. Second I just noticed that every other characters have the same letters in they're first as they're last name but George. It's not Peter Pig it's just George. The little children seem to have more manly names like Richard , Edmond , George etc. They call Edmond a clever clogs what the hell is that. Also what kind of a name is Peppa anyway. So back to the swimming episode Peppa and George needed water wings but they called them arm bands. Seriously. I never heard of anything so dumb. They say diving boards are for grown ups only ! My girlfriends cousin is 7 and he goes off the diving board in his pool ! My girlfriend said she first went off the diving board when she was 10 ! So it's not for grown ups. Daddy pig wore his glasses in the pool is he really that blind. You're not suppose to wear glasses in the pool. My girlfriend doesn't wear her glasses when she swims but she's not allowed to anyway. At the end they were standing in they're wet water rolling around on the ground and laughing like they always do. That's so dangerous. Your not suppose to do anything like that around a pool. Also George cries at every little thing. God why is this show so stupid? Don't you hate it?


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  • Well I mean it is a children's show meant for 5 year olds lol


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  • I would never watch Peppa Pig. It lacks action. Need more explosives, combat and guns. Dexters lab had all of those.

  • It's the funniest kids show I've seen.

    Perhaps you need to watch it overdubbed with American terms.