What do you think? What would you do if someone ever sent you that?

Ok so for two years a guy keeped hurting me and I got depressed and I finally cut him off well yesterday I saw that he was talking to this fat, ugly , annoying girl and keep in mind he's 17 and she's 14 but so I rejected him and so I messaged him last night and say so your really really desperate and talking yo fat ugly lards now? What would you say if you were ever sent that? What do you think of me?


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  • Seems like you're jealous

    • Hell no I have a new boyfriend who's way hotter and sweet and buys me roses and kisses all of my self harm marks

    • Then why would you care who he's with? Seems like your not over him. If you have a new boy friend and talk to him and care who's he's talking to.

    • No no no no sweetheart if he died today I would feel sad I would actually throw a party

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  • That is a really shitty thing to do. You don't put down another girl because what a guy is choosing to do. You don't even *know* what they were talking about. You definitely don't know anything about her. How would you feel if someone talked that way about you?

    And if you cut someone off, you don't *text* him. You go on living.

    You need to ask your parents to see a therapist because your social interactions need serious help.


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  • I would think, i dont care what she think cuz she dumped me... But if he was hurting you and being mean its good your broke up..

  • grow the fuck up kid


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  • That just makes you really immature and petty. Realize that you come off looking worse, and it won't make you happy being bitter.

  • Well you're calling a 14 year old rude names simply because your old dick is now talking to her. It makes you seem petty, jealous, childish, and all together unattractive.

    • And I'm 15 so you know and I have a new boyfriend who's way hotter and sweet And bus me roses so not jealous and I'm not the only one who call her these names so

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    • Sweetheart i don't like I completely hate him he told me to get over my nieces death because she was even born and that was three weeks after she dides

    • Then don't randomly message him saying you don't like the girl he's with. You wanted opinions, you got opinions. Don't get pissy because you were told you were in the wrong to send that.