What's your favorite place?

Your happy place, the place in your dreams, your favorite spot in the house...
Whatever it is where you just feel so safe and cozy and loved and happy and pampered and comfortable...
I have a few- a hammock outside on an early Summer's morning... The birds chirping, softly singing their songs.
Or a warm night, along the beach... The slight breeze cooling my warm skin.
And last one is of course, in my boyfriend's arms ❤️


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  • Laying in a cloud bean bag hammock (my invention) between to palm trees over looking green hillsides.

    A cool breeze blowing with the sun about to set.
    In that moment there's peace and serenity In that moment there is love and joy.

    As I cuddle the most precious beautiful thing in my warm strong arms she looks up and says I love you. I then in her beautiful marble eyes and say I love you.

    This is my happy place, the place of my dreams, this is where I want to be with that special someone one day.


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