Would a hot foreign guy think I am attractive?

He is from a different country and he looks different than the American guys. He is a kind of universal hot (any girl would think he is attractive). He has beautiful eyes, nice hair, lips, symmetrical face, and a great body. I am an average looking girl (brown hair, brown eyes, petite, B cup boobs, small butt, thin, slight curves). I was just wondering whether someone of his level of attractiveness could actually be attracted to an average girl like me. Would he be more drawn to a girl as hot as he is?


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  • I'm not pretending to know what his preferences are, but you sound really hot to me. Sure you could try to find out what guys from that country usually prefer, but that of course doesn't mean he is into that. Maybe he doesn't know how hot he is (at least to you) and maybe you don't really know how hot you are. I would encourage you to find out.

    • I don't know he seems comfortable flirting 38th girls as I have seen and he is the kind of attractive that is undeniable. What do you mean by "find out"?

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    • What would you suggest?

    • Well since I don't know the dynamics between you two, it's hard for me to give any specific suggestions. You could ask him out for coffee maybe? Just show him that you are interested, if he doesn't know it already. That's a start.

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  • Yeah he could like you!


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