Is this a real social problem?

I avoid my "friends" pretty much at all costs. I don't even like them most of the time, they annoy me and piss me off but I've never told them that. They think I like hanging out with them because I'm a pushover and I literally cannot say no. If I don't want to hang out with them, I either say yes when it's actually the last thing I want to do, or I try to make up a bunch of excuses as to why I can't. I only use the excuses over text though, not to their face because it makes me nervous saying no in any shape or form. I'm happy when one of my friends is absent from school because I feel like j can breath and won't have to be bothered or talk to them. I feel relieved when any social plans are cancelled, it just feels like a giant weight off my shoulders! I hate when my friends text me, I'm always afraid it's them trying to get me to hang out or have a sleepover. I ignore most of the messages and put off reading them for a while until I know I can't anymore or they'll know I'm ignoring them. Sometimes, I'm so sick of worrying about getting a message that I'll just turn off my phone for the whole night so no messages will deliver to my phone. What is wrong with me that I feel like this?


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  • Could be social anxiety and a whole host of issues including lack of self assertion.


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  • You should probably go to therapy.