Should I still pay rent?

Okay so, I share an apartment with my best friend and have been doing so for the past couple of months. Currently her dad doesn't pay any rent for the apartment because it belongs to one of his friends, but I still pay him anyway. The rent includes gas, water and other utilities. At the end of next month I'm going back home to stay with my family for a month and come back a week before January ends. I am paying rent for the 21 days in December, but should I still pay rent for the month of January? My room is going to be completely vacant and none of my stuff will be there, and her family will probably stay in the apartment while I'm gone.


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  • What were the terms you agreed on moving in?

    • It's my best friend's dad's friend's apartment and they're letting us stay with no rent but just paying utilities etc. I pay a fixed amount every month to my friend's dad. And it's a spare room, so even if I wasn't living here it wouldn't be rented out to someone else.

    • Then probably not.

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  • If you want the room held for you, for when you return, then yes, you should pay rent. If you want that room, then discuss the subject with the owner of the house/landlord, and you'll have to either accept their terms, or find another place.


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  • If you were in a apartment by your self, and took a month vacation i bet your land lord still wants his check for that month. So id say same in this situation or at least half rent. If you pay you feel like your getting taken advantage of, but if you dont it could go south and you not have a place to stay when you return. The best thing to do is to talk to the person taking the money about the situation and find something you both agree on.


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