From a black woman's perspective, why are interracial relationship frowned upon?

When I mean interracial I'm meaning black girl/white guy (main one frowned upon by other blacks). I don't understand why its such a crime in some black people's mind that someone is hating their race for dating outside or "could do better" but as soon as it the other way around they're high fiving and shit. This is just from personal experiences and observances so I can't speak for everyone in that sitaution but yeah. Why?


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  • No. They don't think a black man hates hiself, if he get a white woman. They only feel that way towards black females. The black man is more accepted and commended. I have experinced the same thing as you. Its not just your experience it a fact. No one want to see a white man with a black woman. Its a textbook definition of a ... A double standard.. A black man can date all the sloppy white girls. He wants and he is praised for it.. If we are with a white man we are "insecure, desperate and "the white mans whore", what does he want with her?"etc. I think the black men are the desperate ones, they accept any white woman that shows him attention. They have no standards they just want a white women. It makes me soo angry. I was dating this white guy, and it was like. I was a ghost walking down the street. They stared us down hard , everywhere with eyes of malice. It was mainly the white females, couldn't stand to see a white man walking with a black female. But overall no one wants to see us, with a white. Thats just how it is.🚶


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  • I've had a black girlfriend before, but that being said, what's more commonly seen is the black guy/white girl relationship.


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  • I don't know to much about it but I respect ppls in relationship! @DamnCurtis your awesome!