European GAGers, what’s your opinion about Albania and Albanians? Do you consider them genuine Europeans or not?

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  • Of course they are Europeans, they are allegedly the descendants of ancient Illyrians... but there are some other theories about their origin, for example Celtic theory (considering that Albania was named after Celtic tribe Albanoi). Some historians also have theory about Caucasian origin of Albanians. Nevertheless, all of these theories make them Europeans.

    • Thanks for MHO :)

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  • As a Latvian I dunno. We don't know much about Albania except that you're a majority Muslim nation (unless I'm mistaken. Correct me if wrong) so it would not be much of a surprise that many Christian folk up in the North or in the West wouldn't consider you 100% European. But then again, you have lived in Europe forever supposedly so you're second to last in being 'European'. The last place probably belongs to the Turks, what with them stealing Byzantine/Greek lands from the Greeks in Western Anatolia and the area surrounding Constantinople.

  • Yeah of course they are. The only reason they stand out is because most Albanians are Muslim and not Christian like the rest of Europe.

  • They're not real Europeans.