Did I do the right thing?

Ok so my shitty neighbor just bought his new shitty dog who keeps taking a shit in my yard so I went to him and talked to him about his dog who keeps taking a shit in my yard and make me clean it so his response was ' well it's not my fault my dog can break into your yard ' and I said ' I don't have to clean his dog shit ' so he told me he doesn't care so I told him Ok we will see and left so I was so pissed off so the next day I found shit in my yard again so I stacked them in plastic bags and putted them in a dry place for like few hours so they don't be hard and then I throwed them at his windows and made them covered with shit cause he wanted to play the dirty way ps- he wasn't home so when he got home he came knocking on my door and I said ' wtf u want ' he said ' what did you do to my windows ' I said ' I have no idea what you are talking about and told him I was sleeping all day ' so he said ' don't play fucking games with me ' I told him ' I ain't playing games ' and then he left saying ' ok but I know its you who did that ' then I said ' ok sure but keep your dog shit out of my yard ' and closed the door i knew that he knows I did it so everytime I see his dog in my yard i hose him with water till he leaves and I am thinking of buying a guard dog to scare his dog he owns a small dog but I don't know the breed I might buy a big dog to scare him off so what do you think I should do?


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What Girls Said 1

  • You know you can press charges if his dog keeps shitting in your yard. If you guys have a shared fence then the burden is on him to fix it so the dog can't escape. I think you overreacted, because now you're in the wrong as well as him. Even if you don't actually want to press charges you can always threaten him.


What Guys Said 1

  • Well, i would have saved up the dogshit, put it in a paper bag on his doorstep and lit it on fire.. Its a classic... Mayb a bb gun?