What mythical creature would you keep as a pet?

What mythical creature would you keep as a pet?

I want a pet dragon like Toothless. He's the cutest thing ever. ;-; Also, maybe a unicorn like this Twilight 😩

What about you?


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  • I once had a very funny discussion with two of my students about genetically engineering fairies to put them in zoos.

    I raised the question about the ethics of doing such a thing to intelligent, sapient creatures. My students seemed a little upset that I brought it up.

    It became a sort of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep meets Jurassic Park and then runs into Lord of the Rings.

    • In answer to your question, I want a genie.

    • That would be cool, but it would be cruel to do that :( And genies in a lamp! Make three wishes!

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