Can a girl and guy be best friends?

I always get tired of not being able to talk to my guy friends without someone saying do u like her to him or asking me if I like them. One time it got so bad my guy bestfriend couldnt handle the teasing any more so he told me he was mad at me and everyone else and then I asked him y and he told me the truth we've been friends since 5th grade and I'V known him since we were 2 how can I make people understand that were just friends


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  • I don't quite agree with @Vasiliy. In my personal experience, it works quite well. But you certain conditions help a lot and you need a certain type of character. First of all, it helps to be a little older (the older you get, the easier it becomes). As a teenager, it is indeed very hard to do but you will see that when you are my age, it will already feel much easier. Secondly, it depends whether you are both single and sexless or whether you have something going on (doesn't need to be anything serious). For example my best guy friend has tons of really close female friends that he is truly just friends with. One of the reasons for this is that he already has a friend with benefits. So, while he doesn't have a girlfriend, he does have regular sex, which makes it much easier to just regard all the other girls as good friends.
    Thirdly, the character is also important as I already said. For example one of my very best friends is a girl and we've been friends since high school (more than 10 years ago). One of the reasons this works so well is that we're both reserved people and don't show our emotions very easily. Also, we know and understand that any move into something sexual or romantic will most definitely kill our long-term friendship and that is just not worth it.
    And of course there are people like my girlfriend's best friend who is a guy but likely asexual. So I actually know quite a lot of people who are just friends although they're from the opposite sex. It doesn't always have to lead to more. The whole thing also has to do with a mature way of thinking (especially teenage guys can't really do that). For example: I'm not interested in my best girl friend. She's a nice person but I would hate to have her as a girlfriend. There are too many things about her that are totally fine in a friendship but in a romantic relationship they would get on my nerves.


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  • 90% of your guy friends like you.

  • Sorry, but generally no. 90% of the time one of them is attracted to the other and it's just sad. I mean, sometimes it might work out, but in reality most of the time that doesn't happen.

    If you've known each other since you were two it's a lot more likely to work out tho.


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