How do I stop telling lies? Am I a pathological liar?

I lie about my grades, whether I played a video game or not or just watched a walkthrough, about my family, I don't want to lie but I'm so scared someone will just yell at me or hit me. I feel like people only know 40% of me and the rest are lies. My parents divorced and my dad was a drunk and my mom was unemployed but he's gotten better and my mom just got a job. I don't think I have told only truths to any person. I've lied to my parents, friends, people I just met, everyone. Am I a pathological liar?


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  • How do you stop telling lies? Avoid talking about topics you usually lie about, with people.

    • I Lie about everything not 2 or 3 specific things. It doesn't matter what and I've never been caught in a lie.

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    • I hate chemistry

    • What do you think of your chemistry teacher? Do you think he/she teaches good but you are still not understanding them? And Do they offer extra help after school?

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  • Lying is not a shameful activity; it is an art. A way of weaving stories, and not even ones that are purely made up, moreso different truths. You take all the points a person knows, then join them together into something new, a reality that could be, and as you shape the stories, you shape the world people around you perceive. You must admit there is a certain... satisfaction... that comes with it. And I suspect that, whether you admit it to yourself or not, you actually enjoy it. My advice? Become more skilful, practice your art and weave beautiful masterpieces! But keep at hand some person to whom you speak the truth, to be certain you remember what is real. And do not forget to take advantage of the way word spreads, to plant strategic thoughts in prying ears with running mouths. Quite easily a fly on the wall may be snared in a web of lies.

    • Ok... James Bond

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    • Please, just try in short to enlighten me, for from what I know, an experienced drinker and womaniser I am not. Is it a matter of my style of grammar and speech patterns?

    • Yes, you sound British and promoting lying is what spies do and Bond is a British spy


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  • Who did you observe lying whilst growing up? And were you punished for being honest?

    • My dad lied to me about 1 thing but that 1 thing I told all my friends was true because I thought it was true. I've been hit by the belt but that's a behavioral thing.

    • So you were taught to lie by your father. You have to realize that even though he responded in a negative way to the truth, if you continue to lie, you won't make genuine connections with people, and you won't live an authentic life. It's important to know your own truth, as well as being honest with others, to move forwards in life, making decisions based on the most accurate information you have.

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  • I don't know you, but it might be anxiety, i can only speak from experience, i went through a time where i thought i was a narcissist, so i went to counseling about it and everything really pointed to doing things because of anxiety. I dont think you're a pathological liar though

    • What is anxiety? I've heard it before but I don't know what it means

    • Thats exactly the way i was, I wasn't sure if it meant nervousness or what it was describing really, i guess i can only describe it as its symptons to me, i sort of would avoid social situations and talking, though i actually like socializing and being with friends and family. I just didn't like being the center of attention, was afraid i was being judged, really this is only my experience, i do highly suggest going to a few counseling sessions. getting an outside opinion of things can really change your perspective, well i guess thats what this is eh?

    • I'm only 16 though and don't have the money to speak to counsellors.