Things a teenager should learn/ know?

Yeh basically what the question sayss


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  • The world is a web of bullshit. When people give you unsolicited advice or information they are rarely doing it for your benefit but for their own advantage or reassurance. Watch what people do and give little weight to what they say.

    • Aha thanks!! I've also noticed that nobody is really a proper friend.. they use u for time pass..

      I've got a mate that never actually meets up out off college...

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    • Ahh Yeah, actually you're right :)! From now on i'm ganna be confident and own up :) But do you in general think that friend was a fake friend? Knowing that she never meets up out of college etc

    • She's certainly not enthusiastic but like I said, it takes two.


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  • Be straightforward with guys, be flirty and direct and let them clearly know if you are interested or not. Instead of sending "obvious" signals and waiting for them to develop superpowers and read your mind. Don't play hard to get, childish games like, wait-to-respond, or play-hard-to-get.

    If you do that, you'll be wayyy ahead of your peers!!

    • Hmm lol. But i've noticed guys that play hard to get... like there's this guy who shows signs of a shy guy that has a crush on me but never talks to me and stared a lot. Now he has stopped and doesn't pay attention at all. It's good cuz i don't like him that way..

    • maybe he's shy

    • Or is just playing games ;)

  • Understand or learn investing, earning scholarships, and planning.

    • Oooo that's the hard bit! What are your hobbies?

    • currently, working out and travel, but I use to go mountain biking. I also read about different things. I try to learn as much as I can.

    • Wow! your life is wayyy exciting than mine!
      My day consists of going on my phone, go town at times and basically doing courseworks.. I'm trying to get a hobby. I'm going to try Yoga at home... see how that will go aha

  • Generally assume that you are never correct, and you will be correct.

  • Algebra 2.

    • Aha really? :P

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    • Ohh thanks! It really helped 😊😊

    • now, go and learn some logarithms.

  • Life isn't a box a chocolates...

    • I know that aha.. i'm making a list of things to do...

      Like have a hobby cause i've got none.. I'm going to try Yoga...
      Learn how to use the washing machine etc...

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  • Learn to stand up to assholes!

    • Who would u call an arse holes and how would u stand up to it?

    • by not following for their dirty tricks... learn to say no and mean it!

  • How to ask for help, and when to admit that you don't have all the answers. It's hard, man. I still struggle with that.

    • Ahh same! Well sometimes when you ask for help others don't help. However, i think my confidence level isn't bad for my age :) x

    • It's not really about confidence, for me. It's more along the lines of being okay with not being the best (as you can probably imagine, I am a recovering perfectionist).

    • Well it is to do with confidence. If your not "okay" with getting things wrong it's probably cuz you don't want others to make u seem "stupid". Honestly speaking I don't mind making mistakes, but it depends on how others react to it..