How would you react if a poisonous snake was nearby you?

Either by only a couple feet or inches away from you.

I would freeze and pray that it doesn't confuse me for food nor thinks I'm trying to hurt it (which then it would then be using its venom in self-defense). Someone once told me that if ever found in that position, just stay still, don't move.

I would be scared to run because there is still a chance it can catch up to me and bite me


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  • I'd jump back immediately. As fast as a snake is if you start to move first and can get clear of it's strike range it will move too late. This is because of the lag time between the snake perceiving your movement and being able to act on it.

    This is why if you are holding a gun on someone you should never get within arms reach of them. They can easily deflect your gun before you can react to their movement and pull the trigger.


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  • Shoot it with my 45.

    • yeah that's also a good choice if you have a gun. good one


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  • It's not venomous so it's fine.

  • I'd jump and run probably.

    • If I have a gun I'd kill it.

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