Do you feel wired?

So my question is do you feel wired when you give opinion on a question asked by someone who is older than you... coz if they are older then it's obvious they are more experienced
You feel normal when you give advice to a person who is more experienced than you or you just scroll down and move to another one :p?


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  • I must admit I probably do tailor my answers to the age or what I perceive their personality to be. I don't think I feel anything extra beyond hoping that I was helpful to that person. I think at any age you can have the full range of personality so it could be a case if I felt a 16 year old was quite mature I would give a very heavy/serious answer whereas a 25 year old could be a bit childish you might take a different tack on your answer. It is usually more the individual rather than their generic group I look at, I would often look at how they respond to other comments to try and guage what they are thinking.


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