Is the age gap between me and my boyfriend too much?

I'm 20 and my boyfriend is 29 almost 30 we are together for 3 years now. My mom said it's a huge age gap 😐

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  • There is probably a greater probability of problems between you two in many ways than if you were closer in age. But it could work. Have seen it work with others with larger gaps.


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  • I think if you've been together 3 years the age gap shouldn't bother you as much anymore. As long as you're happy it should be fine.


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  • If you the age gap wasn't too big, you wouldn't have the need to ask this question.

    • No I only know that i love him but I asked because people keep telling me not just my mom

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    • I understand what you're saying however it's not only common for younger girls to attract to older guys, it's been that way throughout history. So who's to say age gaps are abnormal? It's clearly opinion and the answers to the question are usually very biased answers. Long story, but it wasn't until recently age gaps started being rejected by society and if you were to do enough research on different topics especially agenda 21 and the NWO you will discover how things begin to tie in and changing the thought process of society is part of their goal to steer society or mankind toward their agenda, if all that makes sense.

  • If there is one thing I've learned about gag, you will get biased answers on age difference questions. You'll have to be your own judge and do what makes you happy.


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