Girls, when you are with close friends, do you ever just let rip and fart, burp, pick your nose etc?

Most women are a little shy about these things when in public, where as a lot of men just dont give a fuck, especially when around friends. We all know the scenario, a bunch of guys are together, drinking, playing video games, farting burping and generally being guys. my male friends take pleasure in grossing each other out by having the dirtiest fart. its a common occurence, yes men can be disgusting creatures.

I've always wondered, do you girls act the same way when you are with friends, or do you try to remain lady like and go to the bathroom?


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  • Please, my best friend and I just shuffle over to each other's homes in our pj's looking like a mess, we let our appetite be known to one another, we curse like sailors when playing video games together and there are no itches we won't scratch in each other's company!


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  • Girls dont fart or burp anyway!!!


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  • No. I don't do none of that stuff. That's gross. And if I have a big and he would fart oh man, he's our.


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