How do you keep track of all of your passwords?

Yeah so between all of my emails, login for work laptop, login for my personal laptop, entering in my hours at work, paying all my bills online, my playstation password, my xbox live password, etc. I basically have about 20 sites that I have a login and password. There's no way in HELL I can remember them all. I normally end up resetting my password everytime I log in.
I don't like to make a Microsoft Word document and save it somewhere on my laptop with ALL of my passwords due to cybersecurity or simply just leaving my computer. I like to keep my passwords impossible to crack by having uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols. I have them all memorized but I can't remember which ones I've used for what. Sometimes I get locked out because of all of the attempts.
My bank website actually locks me out for an hour if I enter the wrong password 3 times. If it continues, they permanently lock it and I have to call them up or walk in. I love that security. However it would be nice to have some kind of strategy or an algorithm where I can always remember which password is used for which damn site. Lol


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  • I usually have two set passwords and like 4-5 usual number combinations I use for everything. That's probably a bad thing but they're made up words that I made up so hopefully no one would ever be able to guess them.

  • I right them down in a little black book then hide it behind the closet boards


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  • why don't you just write it down somewhere? like you literally have an app on your phone called "notes" where you can keep track of this shit if you have an iphone. or if you have an android or whatever, there's an app too. and you can password protect that with another app. but i have the same password for everything.

    • Not everything you put in your phone is secure ya know? that's how people get hacked.

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    • it's an idea. hey, the point is, write it down somewhere. look, you're the dude who get's locked out, not me. be smart enough to write your shit down somewhere. if you don't, don't complain about you not remembering and getting locked out of shit like your bank account (which most accounts usually have security questions or reminders to help you). and if i highly doubt dudes are constantly trying to hack your shit. i put some personal stuff on my computer and phone and i have the same password for everything and no one has found out my shit. i think you're good.

    • No need to be defensive. I'm just saying that phone security apps aren't secure at all. Which is why I don't really use them.

  • most of my passwords are variations on one password

  • I cycle between 4 different passwords

  • A few passwords of mine are "Incorrect". I get the answer as soon as i type in something.