How does one react to when someone says their parents are dead?

Like how does someone who's parents have died, want you to react to this. Like how do you handle this?


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  • Fyi my father is dead.

    I personally have gotten over my fathers death for the most part. If he was to somehow become the subject of the conversation I think it's in everyone's best interest to just gloss over it asap and talk about something else.

    You might insist on saying "Oh I am so sorry for your loss"
    But I have heard this hundreds of times and I am a bit sick of all the sympathy even if it's coming from a nice place.
    A simple "oh sorry" then continuing with the conversation is a lot more tasteful. I'm even ok with people ignoring the fact.

    Obviously depending on the person this may be different.
    That's just me.


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  • Usually, I just say, "I'm sorry," and try to move on whenever I hear any family member has passed. I know that person has heard it over and over again and that it probably doesn't mean much at that point. However, I don't feel right not acknowledging it before continuing the conversation on a different track.


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  • You just say that you're sorry and that you're there for them. Then make them some food. Seriously, because they won't feel like cooking


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  • well i would be in shocked that i would just close myself in.