Have you seen any of these movies? (Long list)?

My mom has a pretty big movie collection filled with movies i haven't seen before. I don't know what one to watch. So out of all of these movies, which ones have you seen and which do you recommend?

Movie list:
The Pianist, St. Elmo's Fire, Jaws, I am Legend, The color purple, Hitch, Good boy, Pan's Labyrinth, Mr. And Mrs. Smith, Love Actually, Silkwood, Flags of Our fathers, A Bronx tale, RV, A cry in the dark, Goodnight and good luck, Aladdin: Return of Jafar, Bend it like Beckham, Frost Nixon, dark shadows, rob Roy, sleepy time gal, the great outdoors, flight, Jacobs ladder, the core, Apollo 13, in the bedroom, sideways, the others, bad lieutenant, cutting edge, the constant Gardner, Platoon, minority report, uncle buck, hidalgo, the right stuff, the Manchurian candidate, trading places, enduring love, sphere, and some older version of titanic. Like black and white old.

there's a whole box filled with a shit ton more but I don't feel like going through them right now.


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  • nope i am about to in 20 min!


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  • -Jaws is a classic, a little dated but still good.
    -I am Legend is an old ass story but a good rendition even if they fucked up the end.
    -Bend it like Beckham is a soccer movie with keira knightley before anyone knew who she was
    -The Greate outdoors is a great movie with good ol John Candy and a bald bear.
    -Platoon is a Vietnam War movie with willem dafoe and napalm for breakfast
    -Apollo 13 is a classic abut a fucked up NASA trip.
    -The Others is a dark period piece about a totaly normal family in a big house.
    -Uncle Buck is John Candy again as a dead beat with a big heart
    -hidalgo is about aragorn riding horses
    -Sphere was an interesting sicfi horror movie.

    The others either suck or I don't know them that well.


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  • Well I watched The pianist its a story about a man who goes through the holocaust , I think it's good but it's kind of sad as well

  • So many good movies

  • Pan's Labyrinth is... insanely good
    The Pianist
    Minority Report
    Bend it Like Beckham


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  • St. Elmo's Fire
    Love Actually
    Apollo 13
    the constant Gardner
    the right stuff

  • Jaws, I am Legend, Pan's Labyrinth, Mr. And Mrs. Smith, Aladdin: Return of Jafar, dark shadows, the great outdoors, flight, bad lieutenant, Platoon, minority report, uncle buck, the right stuff

  • How have you lived your life this long without seeing Jaws? Watch it.

  • Jaws, Mr and Mrs Smith, Flags of our fathers and the accompanying one called Letters to Iwaijima, and the ones with Will Smith like I am legend, hitch.