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For those of you who know my motivational background and have been asking me to make a blog - well, I did it!
I have created a blog where you can submit posts about something nice, good, sweet, touching, inspirational that someone has said to you, done for you, etc! I am doing this in an effort to get people to remember the good things and stay positive. We are so used to seeing the bad and talking about the bad things that happen to us. We are generally more inclined to remember the negative. Why should we not talk about the good and positive things? I think we should.
Check it out !
justsomelove. wordpress. com


My question is - what do you think of this?

Ps: it is in no way done! Still in progress :-)


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  • Instead of using a email option add a static submit page, it would be easier for u to sort through postings and it would be easier for posters as well

  • Your blog looks like shit. Hope you improve upon that.. as this is just the beginning.


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