If you let someone copy from your exam, why do you also end up getting penalized?

Shouldn't that punishment be for the person that cheated from you? After all you study and you know your materials and the teacher knows you're one of the smart students in class with a 3.68 GPA.

I had this happened recently and but my AP biology teacher reconsidered and changed my exam grade to an 80% even though it was really a high A while my friend's paper remained a 0.

She then stated that at college, you can get kicked out for letting someone copy from you even though you're not the cheater, even if you really are smart.


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  • This is similar to bribing a cop. Both the cop and the person who offered the bribe get penalised.


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  • Because you think you're helping them but you aren't really, as they'll get used to cheating and never have the will to study on their own.

    I agree though to some extent. I often let people cheat from me in high school because they just needed to pass and I would feel bad for them though it's not good. But the fact people cheat shows they only care about passing and not education. It's kind of a failure of the academic system.


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  • As @snowangle said, assisting in cheating is also wrong and as such deserves to be punished.


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  • Because you're assisting with the cheating rather than refusing.