I want to destroy guys, but at the same time I really want them?

i notice im vert revengful. I just hate people trying to play me or treat me like im naive or easy and it makes me feel very revngeful and angry.

If a guy that i barely know gets this crushes on me, i take advtange of it and make them buy thing for me (they offer first, i never ask for it first). Because in my head they only want me for sex hence they buy me a lot of shit because they think thats what its needs for me to sleep with them. So i have the right to use them because they are trying to use me.

If guy ask for sex i feel like they think im easy (im not at all and it pisses me of), so i''ll pretend that im into them and flirt to get free stuff and then leave.

Even when im dating a guy i like, and dont use by the way, there is always this part of me that thinks the oly reason he is there is because he finds me hot and only wants sex.

And i dont regeret using the guys either... i need help lol so any advice? why do i hate and love guys at the same time? i want to destroy them for making thinking im easy or naive (when the ask for sex), but at the same time i just want to be loved and cared (emtionally) by a guy i like.

Any advice?

by the way this does only apply to guys who try to use me (in my mind)


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  • This is why i like independent women... Mayb u should be more open to the fact thats its possible for a man to want a women for more than sex... But your still young so guys arnt looking for much serious relations aroundbyour age... But if they are hanging around you and your not teasing them (making them think its a possibility), then they probably want more than sex...

    • emotionally independent or? And i know there are guys who really wants a serious relationship, but its still difficult to break old habits. And right now there is this guy he invites me to things and buys me drinks etc.. I dont have do anything to get things. but yeah, i have "accentaltaly" lightly hit his thighs to get something... but i was drunk.. i would never do that sober lol...

    • Emotionally and financially independant... I prefer to be wanted, not needed... Thats not much along the lines of flirting tbh.. It shows interest... U shouldt play guys tho.. It really pisses some of them off, cuz they dont realize whats actually happening... But like i said, if a guy is hanging around you and not just trying to get sex, like always grabbing your butt, i would say he seems genuine...

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  • Have you ever considered therapy? This isn't a healthy attitude. It actually sounds a bit indicative of bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder.

    • this isn't a very detailed explaination about how i am.. i think its about hard to tell dont you think?

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    • well he is trying to play me... just saying... im just getting back at him. i understand your concerns, but not even the police walsk around with guns here.. Im not seeking guys to use, they come to me... i haven't done it for a while, so i hope i won't have to do it again

    • It's your neck.

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  • Please don't destroy us, spare us miss anon. Show us mercy!

  • You sound like a woman I'd never want to meet.

    • understandable lol

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    • I can respect that a little bit.

    • thanks!

  • because ur crazy as fuck

    • so im crazy for wanting to hurt guys who try to use me? oh okay

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    • You can be a crazy love slut if not sex slut.

    • Love slut is actually desireable tbh :) would date 12/10

  • I want to fall in love... But this is why I don't date LOL

    • well those guys i mentioned i never dated.. we were just friends/ knew eacother

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