Why do I keep blushing:( ?

I use to be a hyper girl then out of nowhere I became shy and blush at anyone especially with male gender. My mom say that it's cause I didn't had that much of human interaction like my brother did , I understand but still I try so much cause I'm so miserable I just locked myself out of the world and that made it worse. Even if I try to or not I'm always blushing that's the problem it would be a big deal I just feel taped and stuck I hate it and it been happening for 18 years I hate myself for not overcoming this. Why do I keep doing this?:(


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  • Social anxiety is the 2nd biggest disorder. Many people have this. Good thing is your a girl so blushing is cute from you. Being cute Get out in the world , chilling with good people will help you overcome your shyness.

  • well i'm 25 and i blush. dont worry. at least we are not desensitised animals that use others.


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