Why is such fallacious rhetoric used when taking about cancer patients?

For one, that they're fighters, warriors or that they "battle" cancer.

Why is such fallacious rhetoric used when taking about cancer patients?

Cancer is a disease, you don't fight diseases you get treated for them. Battles have winners and losers, dieseases have victims and survivors.

Also why do we label people with cancer as brave and heroic?

Cancer doesn't target people who are brave or it can impact anyone and chosing to get treated rather than die doesn't make one bravem, it's just an instinct. Also, as grueling as chemo and radiation is, in the process of taking your life cancer, contrary to popular belief doesn't let you die a peaceful death it can cause all the pain that the treatments do and more. And it's hard to call them heroes, there's nothing "heroic" about going through and getting treated for cancer or any disease. So there really isn't anything brave or heroic about getting cancer or how you deal with it if the way you eal with it is the only way you can survive and carry on. I mean it doesn't automatically not make them brave it just has no bearing on their bravery.

by the way if you're going to say I'm being insensitive, I'm not I'm just being logical.


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  • Who cares. Just let them die out the way they're supposed to.


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  • Good question I don't know