Anti-smokers would you rather have yourself locked in a room with just one person who smokes or?

Or in a room filled with feces scattered all over the place?

Room’s a small as a prison cell…. for 1 whole day…24 hrs non-stop…and when I say feces…. NOT yer own of course…. and no u r not allowed to clean ‘em up…. u have to accept feces for 24 hrs non-stop if u choose #2….

And also if u attempt to knock down dis smoker guy…u’ll have yerself beaten to death by guards…u have to accept him for 24 hrs if u choose #1…..

Hahaha wanna see u now…. and no u MUST choose one of those 2…otherwise u’ll die instantly…

  • person who smokes...
    43% (3)25% (1)36% (4)Vote
  • feces...
    29% (2)25% (1)27% (3)Vote
  • instant death...
    28% (2)50% (2)37% (4)Vote
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smokin around U...


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  • I will take option D and watch a smoker's like in fast forward from the day they started smoking until the day they are laying on deathbed mere 45 years old coughing up pieces of their decayed lungs, dying to COPD while slapping themselves thinking how stupid they were not putting the cigs down when they still had the chance.

    Don't be a moron. Don't smoke.

    • there's no "D" option... smoker feces or instant death... choose...

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