Are "hot lists" moral or not and why?

A bunch of my friends and I have been having this argument because a guy friend of ours had made one, and a bunch of us girls found out. While it was only a hot list, and not a not list, a lot of us were upset about it, while some of us were ok with it. Who is right in general in this situation?


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  • While it was legal and he was allowed to do this, it's morally wrong, especially in a school area, where our communities of friends r so tightly knit.


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  • I don't know about it being "immoral" but it's definitely a shitty thing to do. Ranking people by physical attributes without their consent is very rude and demeaning. It reduces people to those physical attributes and dehumanizes them. It's obviously very disrespectful.

    Maybe think about making your own faux list based on something completely arbitrary that they can't change. But it can't be flattering where the boys will get the idea that it means anyone likes them romantically. It has to reduce them to that things. Maybe consider things like pinkness of nails, how clean their shoes are, or how clean their room is?

    Do you see where I'm going with this social commentary?


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  • I think it's perfectly fine. They were just being stupid and expressing who they found was attractive with their friends. Although a hot list isn't exactly mature there isn't anything wrong with it


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  • no-one! Its not right to be judge by looks!