Had Marilyn Monroe not died that day, how much longer do you think she'd have kept her sex symbol status?


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  • Interesting question. She died at 36 in 1962 (Google says). It's strange to imagine the movies she might have made in the 1970s and 1980s, if she had remained active in show business and kept getting work.

    Especially in those days, it seems to have been rare for American women (especially) to remain sex symbols after about age 40, so maybe she wouldn't have had many more years in the limelight. Around 1968 her star would probably have begun to fade considerably, since she was such an icon of an earlier era. Had she lived to old age, she probably would have been regarded in much the same way Sophia Loren was later in life, which is to say: Still looks great, living legend, rarely gets any meaningful work, does lots of commercials.

    What an interesting timeline it would have been, had she not died. Maybe we consider her the archetypal sex symbol precisely because she's frozen in time at a relatively young age. As a consequence, she never gets old.

    • Yeah it would definitely be interesting to see.

    • Thanks man. I appreciate it. These kinds of questions (which are exceedingly rare) keep me on GAG. So good on you. Take care man.


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  • I would imagine quite a while, I think the fact that she was totally natural and that she promoted and enjoyed being that, and that she believed beauty to be what god gave ya, probably would have given her quite a bit of credit vs those that went the surgery route, like most of the sex and female symbols we have today, since back then they had women now you know we have half human half plastic women, personally I'd choose her over most of what we have today, but that's just me.

    Regardless it defiantly would have been interesting, to see what had happened

  • at least a decade or so more

  • She was ugly.