Why do some adults talk about teenagers like they are some different kind of species?

Like some say teenagers are scary 😂 They don't understand them, they are fucked up, a crazy lot. "Research is being done on teenagers to understand why they like doing this and that", like come on now, you guys were teenagers too once no? Or is that part of their life just completely blurred out of their memories? 😂😂 always been wondering about this...


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  • I actually remember the dark ages when I was a teenager and there's nothing wrong with being a little flexible when relating. Times change but people are people.


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  • Well times change and they were probably completely different when they were teenagers, compared to how teens are today. Like if they see a group of teens with all of them having their phone out, of course thats gonna be weird to them, because when they were teens they actually had to talk to each other in person, etc.

  • todays teens are the most immoral brainwashed kids on earth

    every generations gets worse due to parents overworking and teens being taught by television

    • Just proved my question...

    • i was worse than most teens. got stabbed, use to get into a lot of trouble including being around a lot of gangsters.

      i broke from being hardcore in my adolescence. that brokeness led me to life and wisdom and when i see stupid teens being influenced by the hidden agenda of the media/social media, i see pain and suffering and it doesn't tend to agitate me a little.

      you're acting young. was it so bad i can understand why teens are misguided? did i say anything insulting? around about 18 to 21 is when they have an epiphany and think they know everything... they turn a bit older (mid to late 20s) and go through humility and confusion to learn more... and real maturity happens in my opinion. and most of the worse teens today are Micky mouse to me. however, what i do stand for is truth and good philosophy.

      if you haven't been understanding, i said its media pushing degenerate cultures and subliminal msges. you had no reason for a downvote and disdain.

    • i mean it does tend to agitate me a little**

  • I think it has a lot to do with the behavior that they do these days. Teenagers these days do some stupid shit - shit that the adults never did in their younger days. Maybe it's a generational thing.


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