To hell with weight questions? Why everyone is so obsessed here? Do you feel the same way with me?

Am I too fat? Am I too skinny? Is my weight a turn-off? Will guys not like me if I’m not skinny? And gross stuff like dat…we couldn’t care less really whether u r fat or skinny... we won't marry u or anything...

Even if I don’t read those questions at all…their titles appear on ma “live feed”…. is there any way to put out “live feed” from ma screen btw?

Honestly i don’t give a shit whether u r 80 lbs or 400 lbs…. y should I care anyway?

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  • No I think it is reasonable to be concerned for health reasons and if you ignore your weight you might explode.

    BUT I will openly admit my weight issues are just vanity most times. I mean I fret over gaining any kind of fat in my midsection like 1 inch and my life is over. LOL

    Then one has to tone or it just doesn't look good.

    And it's not that I'm that vain bit my Dad died of a heartattack at 36 so I like fiber. Instead of crash diet questions we just need support on how to eat better that tastes so good.


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  • Some people panic about their weight, that's why there are so many of those questions, it's kinda funny :P


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