I am petsitting. What do you think is a reasonable amount to charge?

She wants me to visit her apartment twice a day to feed and play with her cat. It takes a half hour to get there.


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  • I have two cats. You don't need to visit them twice a day. They can be feed and litter box cleaned out once a day. Who is this person to you? Friend, family? This is more a favour thing that I would not expect money for. But, I would not expect someone to travel 1/2 hour either. If you are driving or taking a cab they should be paying gas or fare expense.


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  • I would say.. if you were going everyday do maybe 100 a week or something.


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  • What if she asked you to petsit 5 days a week, for one month, how much would you ask?

    You would ask that much which will be covering your transportation cost + your monthly needs (bills food etc) say comes out to be 'x',

    Then x/30 is what you should be charging for a day.


    If you want to calculate for per hour? then simply replace 5 days with 40 hours as , nominal working time for any job is 8 hours / day

  • I have always paid between 40 and $50 a day for pet sitting


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