How do you fix food you've over-salted?

or do you just toss it?


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  • Depends on what it is but a bit of potato can usually help a bit.

    • hmm.. interesting, I'll try that some time. but at the moment, I don't have any

    • What are you making? You may be able to dilute the salt a bit by adding more of what ever else is in it.

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  • Depends on what it is. I'll either knock the salt off of it or take a bit of it and experiment with different spices and such to try to even it out. Or I'll smother it in sauce.

    • it was lentils.. how do you know the salt off?

      I usually add cayenne pepper

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    • oh, you mean if it's sitting on top of the food? what about after its been mixed in?

    • After its mixed in I'll take a bit of it and experiment with other spices to try and balance it out.


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  • Sometimes you can add extra water and boil it off, but usually you just have to take it as a lesson and try to do better next time.

  • its hard maybe add sugar?

  • You can over salt food?

    • yea. last night I made lentils and added too much salt

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    • what if you were starving and didn't want to wait to make anything new? ;p

    • I was once told by my grandmother if you run cold water over it that would help. never had to try it though.