Am I slipping into depression or just lonely?

So I'm in the Army and when I'm not working there never seems like there is anything going on. Nobody ever seems to leave the barracks on the weekends during the winter months so I'm usually bored. I'm 25 and newer to the Army and I've been single for a little while since before I left for basic last January. I've been feeling pretty depressed lately. I flirt and talk to this girl I met in basic that lives a few hours away. I'm planning on taking her out in a few weeks but I worry she'll eventually lose interest because of the distance. I'm honestly trying to learn how to be happy and content on my own. I've been on Tinder a lot lately but never seems to get me far. I've been talking to family on the phone a lot lately and it helps a lot. Plus I'm only 6 hours away from home so I go back and visit friends and family every 4 day weekend we get. I guess I just need someone to let me know I won't always be stuck in this lonely rut and that I'm capable of being happy on my own for now. Thanks, sorry for the long text block.


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  • Well your going to be as depressed as you make yourself. If you make an effort to be with that girl from basic training and she stays intested there's a posibility she could choose the option that isn't here... lol like move in with you... If your depressed thinking depressing thoughts ain't going to ever help you. "Live your life to the fullest, cause you only got one chance to do something right."

  • You will become conditioned to being alone as you spend more time alone.