Be his friend or move on?

I've had strong feelings for this guy but he's a player and led me on, he told me he didn't have a girlfriend when he did and continued to sweet talk me and even wanted to meet up and 'kiss' me... i cut off the contact when i realized he was actually engaged.
Even now being engaged he still wants me to talk to him , if i dont reply to his texts he searches me on Facebook just to message me. He added me twice on snapchat and still views all my pictures, even though i didn't add him back.

Could i stay friends with him or is he not worth it?

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  • My dear friend,
    He is not a worthy enough to consider. Please move on. Hard to accept. But that is the correct solution. He is expecting friends with benefits only. Once he done he will move from you again. That time you will feel more pain than now. If you are getting feeling of text just remember this words. "He is trying to use you as a free prostitute. That is it "

    So Stay away.

    You will get your dream boy as soon as possible. All the very best. :)


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  • He sounds like he wants to have a hold on you. When you wanted him, he didn't want you and now he wants your attentions again. I say stay away for good. Block him. Delete his number. He is bad bad news.

    • Whats the reason he is itching for my attention again?

    • He wants to know he's still wanted. Just typical ego business.

    • Whenever i ignore or block him, he seems to chase me more

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