How well do you handle constructive criticism?

Fairly good. I did not take it well at all before my ego was bigger than me. Now I have the ability to thank the people for the feedback no more how harsh it might be!


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  • When I was younger I had a big problem because I thought I knew everything. Now that I'm 22 I'm a little bit more mature I realize I don't know a lot because of my young age. I always ask the old salty grandpas for advice on shit. I take criticism well because I'm always improving on myself and my craft. I see it as a way to better myself. That being said if someone is criticizing me ulterior motives outside of being constructive than I'll turn on them and be the biggest asshole known to man.


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  • I appreciate some ones input.
    Sure, I may not like it but I give it some thought.

    Whether I listen to some ones input or not all has to do with their approach towards me.

    There are far too many people that go around saying demeaning and insulting words, and think that is actually supposed to help someone.
    Work on the way you deliver your message,
    and then come back!
    I think more people need to work on their way of expressing their message.
    When they come across harshly, they seem as if they have negative intentions.
    When someone is harsh with their words, they are not heard effectively at all.
    If their true intent isn't harm, then they should come across in a manner that isn't such.

    Peoples defensive mechanism usually go up when their approach is aggressive to the whole topic of discussion.


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  • Pretty good. I like being able to improve myself


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  • Not very well unfortunately haha. I am way too sensitive. Even when I know the person means well, criticism hurts me. But I try to not let it bother me and just learn from it :)

  • I appreciate it. I'm always trying to improve.