What do you think Microsoft lumia 640?

I want this model.. what do you think?
Is this phone good?


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  • Microsoft phones are the least popular. I heard someone say the other day there is not many apps for them so maybe look into that before buying it. If you look at all the apps you can download that are advertised on TV they have Android and Apple options but not Microsoft options. I am not trying to be negative but just trying to say have a look at your options for apps before going and spending lots of money.

  • has 1 GB of ram, that would be pretty low for Android but I have no idea how Windows mobile handles ram. The processor also doesn't seem that great. And 8GB of storaga is a no no. How much are you looking to spend on a device? How much would you pay for this one?

  • No it's quite crappy and in this era a very dumb phone to have

  • Its a great phone. I have a Windows Phone and I definitely would recommend it! I have not used the 640 but I've seen it and it looks great and very sleek. Though I'm pretty sure Windows 10 isn't going to be standard on it quite yet, but there are options for Windows 10 phones out now. But Windows 8 is still a great system, don't get be wrong.

    So, yes I would definitely recommend getting that phone.

  • That depends totally on which phones you have used before. Have you tried Windows Phone before? It's completely different from Android and quite different from iOS.
    1. Less RAM is required. 1 GB RAM means it'll run smooth as fuck.
    2. Takes up less battery. Less frequent charging and travelling is not as much pain in the ass.
    3. Lags almost never.
    4. No such thing as viruses. The OS doesn't allow one file to interact with other
    5. HERE city lens. Fucking awesome

    1. Very less amount of apps. Trust me. Very less
    2. Very less customizable
    3. can't send apps via setup files ( like apk in android)
    4. No proper wifi sharing apps. Only Shareit works.

    Most of these problems might be fixed with Windows 10. But who knows?


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  • I had the Microsoft Lumia 625 and I didn't really like it. I could barely fit anything on it, so if you're someone who likes taking pictures or having music, it's probably not a great phone for you. Also if you like apps, then you should reconsider this, because there are basically no apps for the Windows phones and the ones that there are have often been dropped by the companies and don't tend to get updated. If all you want is a basic phone, it's fine.